Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Why Should You Help Me With My Project? Who On Earth Am I?

Who am I and why should you help me?  This is a valid question and I hope to answer this by the end of this article.  I don't plan on using any particular marketing model or theory to do this as I believe that in order to really know who I am, I just have to tell it how it is.

Well to the side here, this is me in one of my many hair colours as I am always changing this.  It is one of the very few parts of chaos I allow into my life.

I am an avid reader of everything and anything that interests me.  We all are in our household.  These are a very small number of the books I read for fun.  My Dad taught me to read, I can remember him sitting cutting up cereal boxes into little cards and writing words on them.  I would sit on his knee and he would show me the cards and I would read the words to him.  I guess my love of reading comes from my Dad.

Yes, you can see minecraft books up there.   I am also an avid MMO gamer, I play WOW, Eve online, Rift, and Black Desert online.  I also play Sims and of course Minecraft when I am in the mood for something creative.  I also run a gaming blog where I give basic guidelines and showcase some of my creations here.  My love of Games comes from my man, he first introduced me to Everquest II.  After that, I was hooked.
I love wrestling too, We (Myself and my man) have passed this love onto my niece, whom we care for permanently.   My Dad is responsible for this too. Every Saturday we would sit together and watch big Daddy, I remember my Dad saying that Big Daddy could see us and I said, no he couldn' thing I know Big Daddy is shouting and pointing at the TV audience. I will never forget the surprise and my Dad laughing at me (I was only about 6 at the time).

I also Study psychology at university with all my electives being biology based.  I am in my 3rd year at University and only have one more year left.  As you can also see, I keep everything I learn!  I mean everything, even mathematics!

Over the last year I have volunteered at the local school, teaching primary school children how to technical draw.  I used minecraft to gain interest and the drawings from the children were astounding. Even children as young as 6 years old picked it up and were amazing.

I currently also work with autistic adults who find it extremely difficult to deal with day to day routines.  The clients are amazing.  I love to see them laughing and learning new things, I especially love it when they teach me new things.  Funnily enough, My Dad used to work with autistic adults and now works with the terminally ill, so I guess I must have learned all the caring things from him, or biologically, I could have inherited his kindness gene.

I am also an avid learner.  These are some of the books I will be going through in order to give me the knowledge I need to make a success of my gofundme project.  I have already gone through many journals and research papers to gain statistics and knowledge.

 I love art, not specifically the art you find in galleries, but I love my dads concept art, its his hobby but I love his charcoal drawings you can see here.  I also love the drawings my niece does, she has a natural talent and I love to see her enjoying something so creative.
I am also the person that hates to cut the only patch of daisy's we have in the weed ridden garden that we have.  Why?  When I was growing up, I wanted to be many things, a writer, a singer, a career women, a psychologist,  but there were people in my life that laughed at me or cut me down sharply.  I remember, as a teenager, having a friend from an upper class family and being told  I wasn't to hang around with her as "she was out of my league".

It has taken me over 40 years to become who I want to be, the person I feel right being.  I was cut down so many times in my life but this only made me more determined when I became aware of myself and who I really was.  So no, I don't like to cut the daisy's in the garden surrounded by weeds because they are probably symbolic of who I used to think i was, just one thing that couldn't make a difference or be anything, surrounded by negativity.  I just need to remember that those daisy's come back again every time, just like me.

Admittedly I used some symbolism to explain who I am but I also opened the doors to my life and let you KNOW who I am and hopefully this explains why I want to help children so much.  I believe that children deserve to grow and learn who they are.  Grief can change a person and not always make them stronger, I want to be there and support these children, help them move past their grief and become their own, stronger, person. 

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